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Rare Earth Products, Inc. is a coalition of experienced bench chemists providing the advanced custom synthesis to advance your research projects and help deliver your advanced materials and research goals.

Our expertise invovles the manufacture of over 10,000 compounds which include rare earth compounds, high purity inorganics, homogeneous catalysts and organometallics. Exceptional synthetic quality is assured with each product.

Rare Earth Products, Inc - 20 years in the Cummings Center:

Located 20 miles north of Boston Massachusetts, Rare Earth Products, Inc is located in a large manufacturing facility boasting many high technology advanced material and life science companies. Indeed we are the second longest tenant in the large Cummings Center facility.

Rare Earth Products' Pledge: Documented Processes, Accurately Certified

The world's most important technology companies know Rare Earth Products' will always be as certified, and all future orders will be materially identical. That's because manufacturing begins with written standard operating procedures (SOP) established for all product codes. Certification is merely a final analytical confirmation of a series of documented GMP in-process control gates and measurements. Over the years, our extremely high level of batch-to-batch consistency has allowed many global enterprises to confidently move new innovations to full commercialization. We wish to thank the many companies who rely on the Rare Earth Products' Pledge of Quality and Consistency. A few are recognized here. Thank you!