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Metal beta diketonates are organometallic compounds where a metal atom has replaced the enolic hydrogen of a beta diketonate. The metal is bound and coordinated to the two oxygen atoms. The beta diketonates usually used for the coordination of various metals are

ACAC acetylacetonate or 2,4-pentanedionate

FOD 6,6,,7,7,8,8,8,-heptafluoro-3,5-dimethyl-octanedionate

TMHD 2,2,6,6-tetramethyl-3,5-heptanedionate

TFAC trifluoroacetylacetonate

TTFA thenoyltrifluoroacetetonate


If you require a different beta diketonate coordinated or bonded to a particular metal please inquire. Rare Earth Products, Inc has the largest number of these organometallic compounds available. We welcome custom synthesis and work closely with many research groups with hands on expertise to assist in bringing your advanced material application to reality. We manufacture everyone of these products so of course bulk quotations are available at substantial cost savings.

Many metal diketonates have structures where the coordination number of the metal exceeds the valence of the metal. Metal beta diketonates can be dimeric, trimeric, tetrameric, or a higher complexity. Metal beta diketonates have various melting points and also these organometallics have high vapor pressures. Many metal beta diketonates can be sublimed or volatilized under reduced pressure.

Please call ( 978 922 9446 ) or email techservice@rareearthproducts.com our technical assistance crew for technical questions including handling, physical property data, in house analysis data and share over 30 years experience with our veteran synthetic chemists.

Metal beta diketonates are used as catalysts ( example nickel acetylacetonate, anhydrous) Most notably metal betadiketonates have applications in various CVD processes due to the volatility of the compounds. There are many thin film. MOCVD, superconductor and battery applications cited in the literature using these organometallic metal beta diketonate compounds.

Another general use of metal beta diketonates stems from their solubility in various organic solvents. This allows metal organometallic solutions to be prepared. Please call for technical assistance if you require a particular solution techservice@rareearthproducts.com